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Do you have a catalog of your products?

Currently, LFL has a ‘virtual’ catalog of our products. With time you can see more of our upcoming and in-trend footwear.

Can I buy a pair leather sandals without trying them out?

We would suggest you try a pair first to know your size, but if you do believe you are aware of the perfect size, you can purchase them online.

Where do you get your leather from?

We source our leather from domestic markets and countries like Italy, Bangladesh, and other European countries that produce fine and premium leather.

What are the customizations that can be made for leather shoes?

Depending on what kind of shoes you are looking for, the customizations may differ; for example, industrial-based shoes can be customized with a metal sole and thicker soles for safety-related reasons.

I wish to place an order in bulk, what discount can I expect?

You can send us your order or query at, we will revert you with the best discounts you can attain.

When can I expect my order?

You can expect your order anywhere between 5-7 business days, hope you like our product.

Are leather shoes durable?

Genuine leather products are a true investment and are very durable. Two major concerns are:

  1. Is the product made from faux leather?
  2. And, proper care for your leather shoes-
    • leather is water-resistant, but don’t forget to dry it.
    • If it gets dry, make sure to dry it once in a while.
    • If it’s dirty, clean it with just a damp cloth.

When leather isn’t being used, make sure you store the leather away from direct sunlight, dust, and moisture using a piece of fabric and not plastic.

How are LFL leather footwear made?

We use premium quality leather, the machines used at our plant are the best machines available in markets today and our amazing team of elite craftsmen helps cater ‘the best from the best’ just for you.




Final Plot No. 2, Near Gapati Mandir Chowk, Viman Nagar, Pune 411014